Bloodnet: The Complete Unofficial Players Guide
Version 1.0 (released 4/3/01) by Chris The Gronk


This webpage has been put together as the definitive guide to the Microprose RPG Bloodnet, and this is the first edition of this guide. I beat Bloodnet a few years back and really just forgot about it. I recently uncovered Bloodnet at the bottom of a box, along with all the notes I made while playing it back then. (it had been something of an obsession). In a fit of nostalgia I decided to search all the Internet resources for Bloodnet related stuff, expecting perhaps to discover a cult following, but found only two walkthroughs for Bloodnet (aside from the many, many archived positive reviews, and a few negative ones by people who obviously don't know a good thing when they play it). The two walkthroughs were the official Microprose one, containing a multitude of spelling mistakes and misnamed NPC's and also a modified version of this, by a Belgian gentlemen, who claimed to have fixed all the mistakes and corrections. These walkthroughs were both good in that they showed the quickest (and therefore least fun) way to beat the game, but bad in that they missed out a lot of the unnessesary things that could be done. With this guide I intend to provide my own modified version of the Microprose official version, but also a guide to the other parts of the game as well. Much of this will come from my own notes made while playing the game, though I have replayed it again since finding it to refresh my memory. This guide is not designed to replace the manual either, so I haven't included complete weapon and armour lists, merely a look at those I find most useful; thus helping combat piracy. The only other thing I really need to mention here is that this is based on the version released in the U.K. (a small group of islands off of Europe :-) and may have been modified to fit with the games ratings system - the game was clasified as an 18 over here (though readily available to 13 year olds like myself), though frankly I think the game could have got the rating merely for the inclusion of Kate Olgathistle.


1.0 Microprose credits and contact information. Please Read this.

1.1 My credits and contact information.

1.3 What is Bloodnet?

1.4 Bloodnet System Specifications

1.5 Bloodnet Development Credits

1.6 My modified version of the Microprose guide.

2.0 Character creation.

2.1 What makes a Good Party?

3.0 Introduction to the quests in Bloodnet.

3.1 Complete guide to all City locations in Bloodnet

3.2 Quick guide for how to complete some quests in bloodnet.

4.0 The Nature of Cyberspace.

4.1 The Decking Unit

4.2 Complete Guide to all WELLs in Bloodnet.

4.3 The NPCs you meet in Cyberspace

1.0 Microprose credits and contact information

The Unmodified Microprose players guide was release with this Credit attached:

Brought to you by Matt Showalter/MicroProse Quality Assurance and
MicroProse On-Line Services - MPS*BBS (410) 785-1841.
Copyright 1994 by MicroProse, Inc. and Spectrum Holybyte, Inc.

Obviously the guide is quite old as it lists a Bulliten Board System contact number - which have been very much out of fashion since about 1997 - These days I would suggest trying . This Credit applies obviously just to the guide, and so all referenced parts of the Bloodnet product are also Copyright to MicroProse, Inc. and Spectrum Holybyte, Inc. and any parent companies that they may have been aquired by since 1994. I have not actually got permission to include the Microprose walkthrough in any form as part of this guide, and I will remove it if Microprose requests that I do so. The Manuel for Bloodnet states:

No one may copy, photocopy, reproduce, translate this manual or reduce it to machine readable form, in whole or in part, without prior written consent of MicroProse limited.

It occurs to me that copying out the copyright warning is probably a violation of this, but as with all other parts of the guide I am willing to remove it from this site if the Copyright holder so requests. Basically I'm not looking to get sued for loosing Microprose earnings, and I believe a guide such as this could not do that. (yeah, I know it seems egotistic to consider the possibility, but you have to be careful these days). The opinions expressed upon this site are not those of Microprose or their associates, (except possibly about it being a good game), but mine only.

1.1 My Credits and contact information.

All parts of this guide that aren't copyright to Microprose are copyright to me, Chris Haynes aka Gronk, I've worked quite hard on this and I would be pretty pissed off (though frankly unable to do anything about it) if someone just lifted it from my website and put it on their own without at least crediting me, and even more so if they claimed it was their work.When I first got onto the internet I did something similar (didn't claim it was mine though) which I removed from my site fairly quickly as I did actually realise how irritating I was being. If you want a Bloodnet guide on your site get the official Microprose guide like I did (its on at least one still active and rusting BBS. Really. Just listen for the creak of obsolete technology :-). I know it seems a little hypocritical to say "I don't like copying," and then to say copy theirs, but the I believe that the offical walkthrough was designed to be spread about the internet anyway.
This document should be at the address and so if you find it elsewhere then someone has copied it. Though if someone copies it they would probably just cut this bit out anyway. My main contact email address is , if you with to contact me please put "Bloodnet" in the subject line. Thank you.

1.3 What is Bloodnet?

Bloodnet is "The cyberpunk vampire game;" an old style team-RPG with a point and click interface. The game was critically acclaimed on release in the UK, with high ratings from such popular magazines as PC Gamer. Though now quite old in computer games terms if the player doesn't mind the retro graphics, then it is still highly playable and the storeyline is still very engrossing. The opening sequence shows the game's hero Ransom Stark being lured to the penthouse of Abraham Van Helsing, a vampire, who bites him with the aim of turning him into a vampire. This fails as Stark has been fitted with a neural implant to combat his deterioriating brain condition - Hopkins-Brie syndrome - and the implant is able to slow down the draining of Starks humanity. Stark rushes to the workshop of Deirdrie Tackett - who fitted him with the implant - only to find it smashed up and Tackett missing. The game starts at this point with Stark ready to set out to find a cure for his condition and gain revenge on Van Helsing. To do this he must travel about the game map - a futuristic Manhatten island - and hire various NPCs whose skills are an asset in completing the game. The player thus builds a party of up to six characters including Stark, and can choose everything they wear and arm themselves with. The way to do this is all covered in the manual.

1.4 Bloodnet System Specifications

Computer: IBM, or Fully compatible, with 386 processor or better. 16Mhz+ recommended
System Memory: 2MB RAM, with 800K EMS free
Coventional Memory: 560K of you base RAM must be available
Hard Drive: At least 9MB's free space required (saving games can require a little more).
CD ROM users: MSCDEX 2.1 or higher.
Graphics: VGA Graphics card and monitor, or better.
DOS: MS-DOS version 5.0 or higher required.
Mouse: Required
Sound cards: Sound Blaster or compatible
Music Cards: Usual mid-ninties types.

Bloodnet will run at normal speed on a PIII-733 with 24x CD-ROM drive, 128MB RAM, running Windows 98 OEM2 operating system. Sound Card is optional as all speech can be shown upon screen. I have found this necessary as my current sound card doesn't seem compatible with Bloodnet, though sound ran fine on my 486DX4 with Soundblaster Pro. The fact that the games still runs acceptably on a system such as this demonstrates the skill of the programming team.

1.5 Bloodnet Development Credits

Game Design and Writing: John Antinori, Laura Kampo
Executive Producer: Mark Seremet
Producer, Microprose Role-Playing: Laurence Schick
Associate Producer: John Antinori
Programming: Chris Short, Frank Kern, Rick Hall
Art Director: Quinno Martin
Graphics: Thomas Howell, Quinno Martin, Bill Petras, Kelly Trout, Kelly Vadas
Music: Micheal Bross
Sound: Micheal Goodis, Micheal Bross
Map Construction: Tom Rigas
Director of Publications: Joe Morel
Quality Assurance Director: Micheal Craighead
Quality Assurance: Tom Rigas, Mike Corcoran, Matt Showalter, Destin Strader, Tim Train
Concept: Lawrence Schick
Design Consultants: Lawrence Schick, F. J. Lennon
Product Manager: John Dreibelbis
Package Design: Julie Burness, Sarah Warburton
Manual Design & Layout: Sarah Kerr
Managing Editor: Alkis Alkiviades
Also the following: Jeff Dinger, Mick Uhl, Andy Mazurek, John Possidente, Rob Heckart, Hamilton Chu, Walter Carter

1.6 My modified version of the Microprose guide.

I. Tackett's lab
A. Get Implant Plans.
B. Get 4TB chip and place it into your decking unit.

II. Houston Matrix Rovers
A. Get Patch Cords. (allows you to use NPC's Cyberskills when in your party).
B. Talk to Larry Owen. (tells you about Autonomy Dogs).

III. The Abyss
A. Talk to Rymma Fizz (Tells you about Electric Anarchy)
B. Choose 4 characters to join you. See the NPC guide for advice on this.

IV. Metro Museum of Art
A. Talk to Montgomery Taylor. (Say No. Then Say Yes. Gives you Hellfire club Invite).

V. Central Park
A. Talk to Kimba West. (Tells you about TT Nanotech Lab).
B. Talk to Sander Tomalin (You have to talk to him twice in order to give him the implant plans. He will give you a Lockpick Database, a 4 MB Chip, and Samourai Soul Box. Put the Soul Box into your decking unit. Soul box necessary for "Major" Well.)
C. Talk to Mother Mary on the second Central Park screen.

VI. Cafe Voltaire
A. Talk to Oscar Nandez (second screen. Tells you about the Kafka Conspiracy).
B. Talk to Lenora Major.

VII. C-Space
A. Go to "Major" well

VIII. Kafka Consipiracy
A. Talk to Coover Tristan. (Tells you about the Icon Robbers Studio)

IX. Electric Anarchy
A. Talk to Phree Thought
B. Talk to Nai Hilistick
C. Talk to Chuck
D. Talk to Phracktle K. Oss
E. Talk to Auntie Matter
F. Talk to Garrick Fizz

X. Autonomy Dogs
A. Talk to Wild Child.
B. Talk to Sabaccatus St. Aubens.

XI. Hard Metals
A. Talk to Liquid Nails. (Say Yes. Tells you about Strongarm Tacktick).

XII. St. Patrick's
A. Talk to Mother Mary
B. Talk to Brother Complicitus
C. Talk to Mother Mary a second time. (They tell you about Walter Mcalaster)

XIII. The Plaza Hotel
A. Talk to George Yatchisin (then equip the badge he gives you).

XIV. Stongarm Tacktick
A. Buy Lockpick Casing and Diagnostic Unit.
B. Buy Jury Rig tools.
C. Assemble the Electronic Lockpicks

XV. TransTechnicals
A. Security
1. Kill Chief Daryl Paine. (talk to him twice and he attacks you).
2. Get TTCloak Chip from Paine. (when equipped allows access to "TTHeat well")
3. Search Area (pick up all items).
4. Examine the CyberCrackdown list - opens Lazlo Green area.

B. Emily Esaki - one of the guests at the Hellfire club.
1. Search Area.
2. Get Pin. (allows entry to Hellfire club Inner Sanctum. Equip pin).

C. Bill Dougan.
1. Talk to Bill Dougan.

D. Nanotech Lab
1. Search Area (pick up all items).
2. Use Electronic Lockpicks on Locked Storeroom door.
3. Search Storeroom (pick up all items).

XVI. Lazlo Green
A. Search Area.
B. Pick up Gas Mask.

XVII. Electric Anarchy
A. Talk to Phree Thaught.
B. Give her a Dragon Soul Box (Say YES when she asks. You got it in the Nanotech Labs).
C. She will give you SomnaVapor.

XVIII. IconRobbers Studio
A. Put the Gas Mask on a character.
B. Use SonomaVapor with that character.
C. Search area.
D. Get HoloCam, both cans of Holofilm, and Multichannel Transmitter

(Stages XIX and XX can be avoided as Vince's Munition Emporium also stocks Instapigment. As long as you get some from here and use it directly before doing stage XXI you will be ok).

XIX. Doom Pilots.
A. Talk to Ghost Walker. (tells you about Madam Mescal).

XX. Madam Mescal
A. Buy Instapigment.
B. Use the Instapigment. (lasts for one day in gametime only).

XXI. The Cloisters
A. Sabastian's Room
1. Get Beads.

B. Weapons Room
1. Film yourself with HoloCam
2. Place Multichannel Transmitter on floor
3. Play HoloCam
4. Search Area (Get all Soul Blades and Stakes).

XXII. Cafe Voltaire
A. Place Beads next to Cyril Thorpe.

XXIII. C-Space
A. Go to "Medium" well.
B. Talk to Cyril Thorpe. (Say Yes. Stops Sebastian from sensing Evil).

XXIV. The Cloisters
A. Sabastian's Room.
1. Talk to Sabastian (He will Bless the Blades).

XXV. C-Space
A. Go to F.a.t.s.
B. Talk to Melissa Van Helsing. (She automatically appears after Sebastian has blessed the blades).

XXVI. Le Phood
A. Talk to Ennui . Pay him 50 Dollars.
B. Talk to Melissa Van Helsing (have her join you).
C. Kill Ennui for being an irritating git and dissing you. (not neccessary to complete game :-)

XXVII. The Plaza Hotel
A. Talk to Alexander Tennant. (He's in the Inner sanctum. Tells you about Grant's Tomb).
B. Search Inner Sanctum. Get Blood. (use as high Bloodlust lowers Stark's abilities).
C. Film Walter Mcalaster

(Go to TransTechnicals and give film to Bill Dougan. This lets Mother Mary join party)..

XXVIII. Van Helsing's Apartment
A. Kill all Vampires. (Omar and Anastasia are Vampires. The other two can be shot).
B. Enter the second room.
C. Search area.
D. Pick up Signal Scrambler.

XXIX. Grant's Tomb
A. Use Signal Scrambler
B. Kick Melissa Van Helsing out of the Party. (otherwise she attacks you in the next room).
C. Kill everyone in the second room. (Van Helsing is the only Vampire.)
D. Get Green Pendant.
E. Free Alexander Tennent. (use Lockpicks. He tells you about TT Room 1122).

XXX. Electric Anarchy
A. Have Chuck join you.
B. Disassmble Green Pendant. (reveals Emerald Looker chip).
C. Put Emerald Looker Chip into decking unit.
D. Put Tackett's Essance into decking unit. (From Transtech security)

XXXI. C-Space
A. Go to F.a.t.s.
B. Talk to Tackett Cybervision
C. Go to "Kansas" well.
D. Talk to Sally (she will give you Incubus).

XXXII. St. Patrick's
A. Dismiss Chuck.
B. Talk to Mother Mary (have her join you. Ensure she stays alive for rest of game).

XXXIII. Transtech (1122)
A. Kill everyone. (Have someone stake the little heart on the far right to kill Van Helsing).
B. Talk to Dr. John Harker.

XXXIV. C-Space
A. Go To "Elizabeth" well.

XXXV. "Now is the Endgame, Toymaker," - Pinhead
A. Fight Dracula Images (six total). (choose armour based on what weapon they have).
B. Fight and Kill Dracula!

The ORIGINAL version of the above walkthrough was created by Matt Showalter of Microprose. If you wish to compare this with the unmodified version you can email me for one.

Some Extra Walthrough notes: If you find your bloodlust getting too high then bite someone. This walkthrough goes too fast for loss of humanity to be a major issue. Also if you find your party short of maximum then hire people to make up for it, This makes battles easier to deal with, especially as the Walkthrough makes no allowance for resting and healing. Sometimes it is necessary to go to another area to access C-Space. If possible go to an area you need to visit anyway and save on travel time. Also you might want to visit Vince's Munition Emporium to stock up on ammunition and armour from time to time.

2.0 Character Creation.

When you start Bloodnet you have the option for either Manual or Quick character creation. I think it's better to go for Manual as it allows you much greater control over what kind of skills your character is strongest in. After much fiddling I decided it was best to have a character who was a good fighter, as opposed to one who was a good Decker or Jury-rigger. These skills can be hired, but it is necessary that Stark survive all the unavoidable fights in the game (and the avoidable ones :-) and so good fighting skills are necessary. To get a good fighter choose all of the answers that allow for fighting in the general questions section, then try and specialise in a particualar type of weapon in the specific question type. My favourite gun is the Sawn Off Shotgun so I usually try for a high firearms skill. When you have done this you reach the modifiable stats screen. The Stat points shouldn't be used to bolster poor scores. Your best bet is to add them on to your best weapons class, and on to your agility and observations skills. A good agility/observation makes it much easier to kill Vampires in the later game stages, and is especially useful in the endgame sequence. While a good fighter usually has very poor cyberskills, aquiring the patch cords and hireing a good Decker remedies this. The same can be said for Jury-rigging. I always use the same character portrait, although it makes no difference to the game, there is one who slightly resembles 2000AD's Jonny Alpha.

2.1 What makes a Good Party?

(aside from booze, birds and a sound system blasting out Rock music :-) Your party in Bloodnet always includes Ransom Stark, and on occasion it is necessary to have particular NPCs (e.g. Chuck) in your party to complete a section of the game. Aside from this the choice of who you have is entirely up to you. I'd like to suggest that most of the party be made up of Good fighters. These should be skilled in different weapon types as otherwise the party will find their weapon's fire being absorbed by enemies armour. The three NPCs I would recommend for any party are: Elvis, Tempered Steel and Monique St.Claire. This provides a good mix of weapons specialities, very high cyberskills and good agility. Also Dodger, found in central park, makes a good Jury-Rigging\lock picking component for the party (and comes with his own Jury Rigging kit). This, including the occasional necessary NPCs in the party gives you a full group able to handle most things that you come up against in the quests. If you have a full team and someone wants to join but you don't want them yet (for example after giving Chuck the Tackett Associate list) then push "esc" when the choice of who you want to dismiss from the party comes up and then when you do need the NPC just click on them and have the option repeated. This is very useful as if you just say No when an NPC asks if you want them on the party then they sometimes get pissed off and refuse to join on a future occasion. Obviously if your Party isn't full then you don't have the chance to push escape.

3.0 Introduction to the quests in Bloodnet.

Bloodnet is a proudly non-linear game, and the extensive size of it is revealed in the guide to city areas. Since trawling through this guide for a solution is quite time consuming, I have put together some step by step guides to some of the quests, as well as the guide to everything found everywhere in the city, and how to access all city areas.

3.1 Complete guide to all City locations in Bloodnet

This section is so big it has it's own page. This Guide tells you everything about every location.

3.2 Quick guide for how to complete some quests in bloodnet.

Elvis: Go into cyberspace several times and go through several screens until Elvis's cyberform is randomly generated. Agree to download him into your decking unit. Go to Houston Matrix Rovers. Ask about Timmy Goldfarb. Go to Autonomy Dogs. Speak to St. Aubens. Go to Hard Metals. Speak to Liquid Nails. Go to Strongarm Tacktick and buy (if you haven't already gained any of them) one head, leg, arm, torso, spark board, Jury-Rig tools. Jury Rig "Elvis Cyborg" Download mind into body. Elvis now serves as a member of your party.

Larisa Mayne: Go to Hellfire club. Talk to Braque Picardo. Agree to help. Go to Bellevue hospital, second room. Use Lockpicks. Pick up Syringe and Nootropressin G. Go to TT Nanotech labs. Pick up service manomachines. Go back to Hellfire club. Place all three items next to Larisa. Talk to here, tell her it was Braque who hired you. Speak to Braque. Go into Cyberspace and go through several screens until Braque's associate appears, and gives you safecracker program. Go to well "nyvault". Use safecracker to steal money from bank. You usually get caught after about the fourth theft.

Banks Verbatim: Go into cyberspace several times and go through several screens until Zeus is randomly generated. Equip Transtech security cloak. Go to WELL "ttheat," and download TT security cage key. Go to WELL "softball", code is "ninja" and use cage key to release banks, go to Banks' apartment and fight security guards. Work out security guard's code based on Zeus' and Banks' clues. (Sol: Eliminate the Masters). enter Cyberspace. Go to WELL "eliminate the masters," download source code. Go to Houston Matrix Rovers. Speak to Penn Martinez. You are given Virus Innoculation software. This can be used to removed Virus from infected Morph Codes, and allow you to boost attributes with them.

C.Flyer: Go into cyberspace several times and go through several screens until first two pieces of his mind are randomly generated. Then access WELLs "nyvault", "noun", "antibody", for other three pieces. Go to TT Nanotech labs store room and get Praxis 3000. Give this to Hakim Magsoudi of the Houston Matrix Rovers. Go to the Abyss and hire Cisco Alvarez. Go Back to Houston Matrix Rovers and hire Hakim. Go to Bellevue Hospital. Hakim explains he can fix Charlie Flyer with all the mind pieces. Charlie Awakes, offers to join your party.

Harley Shakespeare: Go into cyberspace several times and go through several screens until Shakespeare is randomly generated. download Fake Incubus. Ensure Elvis is in team as he makes plausable Fake Incubus. Jury Rig Fake Incubus. Go to Winter Garden Theatre. Speak to Nobuto. Leave Winter Garden Theatre and then return. If Elvis jury-rigged Fake Incubus then Nobuto accepts it and pays you. If not he and his men attack you.

Morph spawner: Read cybercrackdown list in TT Security. Get Insul Suit + go to Lazlo Green. He tells you about WELL "blackwood," and TT Notional Labs. Go to TT Notional Labs at night (when only one person is there). Search area. Get Conway's essence chip. Equip essence chip. Go to WELL "blackwood." Download Morph Spawner. Go to WELL "mozart". Use Virus Innoculator. Download Morph Codes. Use Morph codes in Decking unit to enhance abilties.

How Vampires Can Rest: Go to WELL "hope". Read Tackett's Journal. Go to Luwig Sampson's Lab. Speak to Sampson. Gives you Praxis 2300xc. Tells you about WELL "zarathustra," Go to WELL "zarathustra." Neural implant alerts you to humanity drain. Exit Cyberspace instantly. Sampson attacks you claiming to be a vampire. Actually he is like Stark and so can be shot. Search Area. Pick up coveralls. Equip coveralls. Go to Metropolitan Museum of Art. Search area. Get Sarcophagous. Go to Central Park. Search area. Pick up dirt. Use Dirt. Go to Hellfire Club. Speak to Renfield. Agree to let him serve you. Go to Renfields Apartment. Drop earth lined coffin. Vampires can now safely rest and be healed here.

The Amulet: Go to Hellfire Club Inner Sanctum. Speak to Linda. Gives you Linda's Half Amulet. Speak to Gi Sang. Go to Metropolitan Museum of Art at night. Speak to Wych Gibbon. Gives you Wych's Half amulet. Tells you about New York Public Library. Go to Library when there are three NPCs in it. Speak to all three vampires. Vampires attack you so kill them. Kate Olgathistle drops Wych's book. Take it to him for cash reward.

4.0 The Nature of Cyberspace.

Cyberspace is what the World Wide Web has become by 2094. Or at least, it's what the programmers felt the Bulliten Board System might become by 2094. It is accessed as a virtual reality environment by the Data Angels, or Deckers, of 2094 and consists of the General Plane, which can always be accessed and never mapped, and the WELLs, - Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link, named in honour of a Bulliten Board - which are basically futuristic Web Sites (or Bulliten Boards :-). Coversations in Cyberspace can be held just like the city, and your Decking unit has an inventory for any items you might find. There are several NPCs who appear everytime you play Bloodnet, who are generated in a Random order, who exist in Cyberspace. Some of these give you items, some of them give you information, and some even attack you, (alright, so that's a special case). You are never attaced on the General Plane, but sometimes you are snared by a TransTechnicals Data Cage. This is a very bad thing as the Data Cage will delete your Decking unit's memory, and you cannot go and re pick up the deleted items. If you are snared then restart the game from your last save, and save more often next time.

4.1 The Decking Unit

The Manual covers most of the things you need to know about the Decking Unit, so read your Manual first. I just wanted to point out that available memory upgrades are 1TB, 3TB, 4TB, 16TB, 32TB. Also to say that sometimes you need to find and hang on to Essence Chips throughout the game. These can be left in the decking unit Essence Slot without effecting your progress through cyberspace, and swapped as the game needs. The only upgrade for the Looker Chip is the Emerald Looker Chip. This chip can be left in your decking unit after you equip it. Finally, though necessary for one section of the game, the TransTech Security Cloak seems less effective for the rest of Cyberspace than the Level Four Cloak, so if you have a choice use that. Oh yeah, using an Azreal isn't that different to using a Dragon, so if someone wants a Dragon off you then downgrade to an Azreal (long as you have one handy, of course). This is necessary to gain the SomnaVapour for example. If you have a spare Dragon then it doesn't matter.

4.2 Complete Guide to all WELLs in Bloodnet.

"hope" - Deirdre Tackett's Personal WELL

Items: Tackett's Journal

-Reading Tackett's Journal Gives Location of Ludwig Sampson's Lab

"zarathustra" - Ludwig Sampson's personal WELL

Items: Search Reveals Sampson's Text file

-Sampson must be dead before you can search WELL.

-File tells you that you need Incubus and a Priest to remove Vamprism

"ttheat" - TransTechnicals External Security WELL

Special Access Requirements: Equipped TransTech Cloak chip

Items: Search reveals: Ransom Stark security file, Deirdre Tackett security file, Braque Picardo security file, Kimba West security file, Jason Von Sendon security file. Also Data Cage key

-The data cage key can be used in any data cage

"softball" - Paragon Virtuals WELL

Special Access Requirements: Code: "ninja"

NPCs: Banks Verbatim

-Banks Verbatim locked in a Data Cage. This can be unlocked using the key found in "ttheat"

-Banks Gives Location of Banks Verbatim area when he is freed.

"eliminate the masters" - Banks Verbatim's personal WELL

Items: Source Code

-If you give the source code to Penn Martinez, he gives you a Virus Innoculator

-This WELL adress was worked out for me by Alistair McNicoll, though I didn't realise for a few weeks that he'd got it right, due to a mis-typing.

"antibody" - Rimbus Pharmaceuticals WELL

Items: Rimbus Database, C.flyer mindpiece

"nyvault" - TransTechnicals Bank of New York WELL

items: C.Flyer mindpiece

-If you have the safecracker program then you can use it to steal large amounts of cash from here. Save before you do so as there is a chance you will be caught in the act.

"medium" - Cyril Thorpe's Personal WELL

NPCs: Cyril Thorpe

-If you have placed Sir Sebastian's beads next to Cyril in Cafe Voltaire then he can stifle Sebastian's ability to see if you are a Vampire

"major" - Lenora Major's personal WELL

NPCs: after you have spoken to Kimba West in Central park, and then Lenora Major in Cafe Voltaire, Lenora Major is here.

- You must be wearing a Samurai soul box or above for Lenora to create a TransTech security imprint for you.

"blackwood" - Notional labs WELL

Special access Requirements: Conway's essence chip in your Deck.

Items: Morph Spawener.

-The morph spawner is virused. Obtain the Virus Innoculator before coming here.

"mozart" - Notional Labs storage cluster WELL

Items: Intelligence code, Courage code, Leadership code, Observation code

-The morph codes are virused. Obtain the Virus Innoculator before coming here.

-If you have the Morph Spawner then you can use these codes to increase your party attributes.

"noun" - Greenberger Phonomes WELL.

Special Access Requirements: Code: SZ UP BA HM KC R ND PM CB

Items: Babel Code, C.Flyer mindpiece

"kansas" - Lost kids WELL

Special Access Requirements: Chuck must be in party. Tacketts Essence equipped.

NPCs: Lou, Sally, Violet, Pat

-Sally gives you Incubus

"elizabeth" - Dracula's WELL

Special Access Requirements: Must have Incubus. Must have Mother Mary in Party. Must have killed Van Helsing twice.

Special note: This WELL is played like a city area, with proper Combat Interface and character representation, not Soul Box cyber-images. You fight the six NPCs in here, choosing Incubus-Generated weapons and armour. You only have to fight them one at a time.

No items throughout WELL

(screen one)

NPCs: Lash Givens cybervision, Melissa Van Helsing cybervision, Nimrod 7 cybervision

(screen two)

NPCs: St Anias cybervision, Security Captain cybervison, Sabaccatus St. Aubens cybervision

(screen three)

NPCs: Dracula

4.3 The NPCs you meet in Cyberspace

Since you meet most of the NPCs in the General Plane section of cyberspace, I felt it necessary to have an extra section to detail them. There are some who are found in WELLs, so this section should be used with the WELLS guide as a cyberspace equivilent of the city areas guide.

Melissa Van Helsing - Generated in Cyberspace as soon as you have aquired Blessed Soul Blades. Gives Location of Le Phood.

Banks Verbatim - Locked in a Data cage in the WELL "ttheat." see WELL guide for details.

Dracula - Found in WELL "elizabeth." creates Six cybervisions with his mind that you have to fight, and then you must battle Dracula himself. see WELL guide for extra details

Tackett Cybervison: This is generated when you enter Cyberspace, for the first time, with Chuck in your party, and the Emerald Looker Chip in your Deck.

The Lost Kids - See WELL guide for extra details.

Omicron Raider - Generated in Cyberspace if you tell Larisa Mayne that Braque Picardo hired you. Gives you Safe Cracker program.

Harley Shakepeare - Usually appears sometime towards the end of the game. Gives Location of Winter Garden Theatre, and Gives Fake Incubus. Harley tells you to have a master coder compile the Fake Incubus and bring it to the Winter Garden Theatre for a large reward.

Elvis - Asks you to download him into your Decking unit and get him a Cyborg body. Doing this gets you an NPC with an excellent set of both Cyberskills and Fighting skills.

Dreg - Gives Security drone Virus necessary for effective use of Data Spiders.

Electron Pirate - Tells you your Cloaking sucks.

New Klee R. Wynter - Warns you Zeus is pissed off, powerful, and looking for you.

Zeus - Challenges you to a punch up in the real world. Gives Location NYU Dormatory.

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