The City area guide is split into sections, depending on the accessibility of an area. Section one, for example, has all the areas accessed from the start.

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Section one

Deirdre Tackett's Lab - Washington Square

Cyberspace access

Items: Dermal filament, 4TB memory chip, Neural Implant plans, Radiation Screen, Decking Unit Case, Inertia Sensors.


Houston Matrix Rovers - Canal Street

Cyberspace access

Items: Pulse Emitter, Patch Cord

NPCs: Penn Martinez, Reflex Symptoms, Larry Owen, Rags Trammell, Hakim Magsoudi

-Penn tells you to look out for code fragments for him. If you give him the cyberspace Source code he gives you a Universal Virus Innoculator.

-Larry Gives Location of Autonomy Dogs

-Hakim Ignores you if you haven't spoken to Cisco at The Abyss; if you have, he asks for a Praxis 3000 - as he is going into buisness reintegrating broken minds - to accompany you. If you give him the Praxis 3000 he tells you he won't join your party unless Cisco is in it. If you have Cisco in your party then he will join.

Cafe Voltaire - Canal Street

There is Cyberspace Access throughout the Cafe Voltaire area.

(Screen One)

No Items

NPCs: Duchamp Pynchon, Ultra Violet, Lenora Major, Xandro

- Ultra Violet has a nice poem to tell you. (somone at Microprose worked hard on it :-). Otherwise useless.

-Xandro will sell you a Pharmaceutical kit for an extortionate price.

-Lenora Ignores you unless you have spoken to Kimba West in Central Park. If you have she will tell you to go to WELL "major," with at least a Samouri soul box equipped. She charges you 25,000 for this. Doing this will get you a TransTech security imprint.

(Screen two)

No Items

NPCs: Cyril Thorpe, Benny Puzzle, Joyce Reverb, Wendy Range, Moliere Ten Street, Gerry Soo, Jane Queen Possible, Oscar Nandez

-Gerry gives you a multi-language note which is a clue to the address of Cyril Thorpe's WELL. This note can be translated with the Babel Code. (found in the WELL "noun") It tells you Cyril Thorpe's WELL "medium."

-Benny, after you have spoken to Gerry Soo, will give you another clue to Cyril Thorpe's WELL - so you can try and work it out without finding the Babel Code

-Cyril will not talk to you on this plane. If you place Sir Sebastian's beads next to him go to his WELL then he will speak to you in Cyberspace.

-Oscar Gives Location of Kafka Conspiracy

Trinity Church Cemetery - Wall Street

Special note: If you go to this area without active instapigment every NPC attacks you straight away, with active instapigment then you can talk to them all.

No Cyberspace access

Items: Dirt, Coffin, Jellied Gas

NPCs: Liz Ballasteros, Christian Proel, Conamaugh Stewart, Lovella Travesty, Bert Rant

-Lovella gives you Garlic when you first arrive

-Christian gives you stake

-The Coffin cannot be used for resting Vampire party members as it is contaminated with Holy Water

TransTechnicals, Inc- TransTechnicals

Special Note: When you begin playing Bloodnet the only area that is available is the TransTechnicals lobby, which you need to meet the special access requirements to enter. Throughout the game areas are opened up within TransTechnicals by conversations with NPCs. These areas can then be accessed from the lift in the lobby area by walking up to it as if it was an ordinary door. Doing this gives you a list of accessable locations. This makes the TransTechnicals building a little bit like the New York city map itself, as some of the Rooms have two screens, and some contain different people depending on the time of day. Also when you enter a room there is a random chance you will be sighted by a TransTech Internal Security unit, which you have to fight inside the room. Killing them does not cause the NPCs in the room to refuse to talk to you - they don't even notice the fight.

Special Access Requirements: TransTech Clearance Badge equiped on one party member. Also must have spoken to Kimba West in Central Park, then to Lenora Major in Cafe Volataire, before entering Cyberspace and going to WELL "major" with at least a Samurai Soul box equipped. (This allows you to travel about within TransTechnicals without as many meetings with the Security groups, though you can actually gain entry to the Lobby and other areas without doing this).


No Items

NPCs: Elaine Bigelow, Daryl Mcfarland, Jacqueline, Fabray

-Elaine offers to give you information on getting past security for 100. If you pay her she tells you to go to Central Park and ask around. Since you can do this anyway it's best just to not talk to her.

Auntie Personnel - W. 23rd St

Back Ally Trader - Cannot be bitten or attacked. No Cyberspace access. No items.

Stocks: White Noise Blaster, Gas Mask, Level 2 cloak, Tin Soldier Soul Box, 1TB Memory Chip, Patch Cord, Laser Pistol, Bionavigator, Kevlar Vest, Kevlar Jacket, Kevlar Helmet, Kevlar Coveralls, Shotgun shells, Taser Gun, Dermal Filament, Power cells, Circuitry lining, Refraction unit, 9mm Pistol, .44 Calibre Chamber, Automatic Pistol stock, Sawed-off shotgun, .44 Magazine, 9mm Magazine.

Bellevue Hospital - E. 28th St

(Screen one)

No Cyberspace Access throughout Bellevue Hospital

No Items

NPCs: Karl Gavin, Ellen Flyer Charlie Flyer

-Ellen tells you about Charlie's mind being broken up in the net. Says she's heard it can be cured but that she doesn't believe it.If you cure him and speak to her before he joins the party then she will give you 5000.

-Charlie lies on his bed and dribbles. Unless you have bought Hakim Magsoudi here with all five C.Flyer mindpieces and a Praxis 3000. He then wakes up and offers to join your party.

(Screen two)

Items: Search reveals locked chest, if you use lockpicks to unlock it it contains Pharmaceutical kit, First aid kit, Flexi cast, House call gel, Nootropressin G. Room also contains Vitacompound G, Cortiococycline, Pilocarpine Molder.

NPCs: Dr. Barton

- Dr. Barton offers to heal wounded party members. Has same effect as resting.

-Nootropressin G is a "smart drug effective in treating mental illness." This and the syringe are two parts of the cure needed for Larisa Mayne in the Plaza Hotel.

The Abyss - Times Square

Special note: The Abyss is a place to go to hire Mercenaries to fill out your party. I have listed their hiring conditons and anything else of interest. Where inventory items are listed these are not complete inventory for the NPC, merely items of particular use/interest. Some will not join you under their normal conditions if they do not like a member of you existing party, for example later in the game Monique St. Claire won't join if you already have Melissa Van Helsing as a member when you go there.

No Cyberspace Access

No Items

Screen one NPCs: Kyle Avery, Cisco Alvarez, Max Bax, Rymma Fizz, Nimrod 7, Slash Mclachlin.

Screen two NPCs: Maranda Armanda, Leeza Five, Eagles, Lash Givens, Zarah Aviatrix, Boston Himishaka, Luke Monterey, Fantas Goulakas, Monique St. Claire

- Luke Monterey cannot be hired. Tells you about some of the Mercs skills in The Abyss

- Kyle Avery 25,000

-Cisco Alvarez tells you he won't work without Hakim Magsoudi of the Houston Matrix Rovers. If you have given Hakim a Praxis 3000 then he will join your party for free.

-Max Bax 4,500

-Rymma Fizz works for free. Gives Location of Electric Anarchy. Has Praxis 2300Elite in inventory. Even if you don't want her in the party, at least speak to her so you open up Electric Anarchy.

-Nimrod 7 14,000. Conversation tells you street gangs hate him. If you hire him you can't talk to many people in the game.

-Slash Mclachlin 15,000. Has Occular and Aural implants in inventory but not attached to himself.

-Maranda Armanda starts fight with you. Retreat then return. Will now work for 10,000. If refuse this she attacks you again. won't work for you after this second fight.

-Leeza Five Eagles 10,000 and White noise blaster.

-Lash Givens works for free. Has Insul Suit in inventory

-Zarah Aviatrix 13,000 dollars. If you have Dodger from central park in your party when she joins she leaves with him. leave The Abyss and return and she will apologise and re-join your party for free.

-Boston Himishaka 5000 and Red Lifters. Has Pharmaceutical kit in inventory.

-Fantas Goulakas 10,000

-Monique St. Claire works for free. In my opinion she is a very good choice for a party member, as she can usually take down vampires very fast. She will not join if you Melissa Van Helsing in your party.

St Patrick's Cathedral - E. 51st Street

No Cyberspace Access

Items: Search reveals Cross. Also in room three Holy Water Cruets

NPCs: Brother Complicitus. Mother Mary AFTER you have spoken to her during the day in Central Park.

-Mary, once spoken to in Central Park, appears here. She gives location of Bill Douggan's TransTechnicals office. Says he is trying to have cathedral closed. Tells you that she will help you (ie join party) if you solve this problem. When you have given the Mcalaster Holofilm to Bill Dougan Mary will join party. It is neccessary for the completion of Bloodnet that this NPC a) doesn't die, b) doesn't get dismissed from party, and stays with you until the end of Bloodnet.

Strawberry fields - W. 66th Street

Special note: Hang out of Black Aggots Street Gang. These guys have been hired by Van Helsing to kill Stark, and two days after you first visit Strawberry Fields the attacks begin. These take the form of either instant attack on entering Strawberry Fields, by the Black Aggots, or nearly everytime you travel through the New York Map your party must fend off an attack in a subway station before reaching the destination. Even if you kill all of the Black Aggots, just coming here triggers the attacks. The only reason to come here at all is that one of the NPCs gives you the address of the WELL "antibody," which contains a C.Flyer mindpiece. But if you are using this guide you know that anyway and so can save yourself the irritation of loosing party members in constant fights.

No Cyberspace Access

No items

NPCs: Shock Maraud, Zazs, Stella Stab, Blitz, Stick

-Shock tells you they have been hired by Van Helsing to kill "some guy," in exchange for a Rimbus Database found at the WELL "antibody,". Offers to work for you in exchange for the Rimbus Database if you bring it to him before Van Helsing does. If you do this he will automatically leave the party after three days game time and begin sending kill squads after you.

-Stella offers to buy Vassopressin for 1000

Flux Riders - W. 66th Street

No Cyberspace Access

No Items

NPCs: Oona Flyte, Hondo, Jaz Bob, Bid Dina

-Oona reccomends Black Aggots for hiring muscle. Do not take this advice.

-Bid offers you a free data spider. Gives Location of Sid & Nancys

-Jaz offers to swap his Azrael Soul Box for a 16TB memory chip.

Metropolitan Museum of Art - E. 86th St

No Cyberspace Access

Items: Search reveals Sarcophagus.

Day NPCs: Museum guard, Montgomery Taylor, Dauhine Dmitri, Damean Tocque

Night NPCs: All Day NPCs plus Zinda Todorev, Wych Gibbon, Brick Focalza

-Wych asks you to look out for any Antiques you might find. If you give him Linda's Half Amulet he gives you Wych's half amulet and asks you go to New York public library and get a Book for him. Gives Location of New York Public Library. When you give him the book from the library he pays you 4000.

-Dauphine offers you 25,000 for Babel Code. This code can be found in WELL "noun"

-Montgomery Taylor Gives Location of Plaza Hotel (The Hellfire Club) and a free invitation, allowing you entry to it. Also gives location of Emily Esaki's TransTechnicals office.

-Museum guard will attack you if you try to leave with the Sarcophagus, unless you have Metropolitan Museum of Art coveralls equiped. These can be found in Ludwig Sampson's Lab.

Central Park - E. 86th St

Special note: Helping some of the homeless children by buying their wares might contribute towards your innocence attribute.

There is no Cyberspace Access throughout the Central Park area until you give Kimba West the Fibre Optic cable.

(Screen one)

Items: Search reveals two pieces of Dirt.

Day NPCs: Slick Earl, Marty, Jeudie, Kimba West, Jason Von Senden, Karia Malthus, Sanders Tomalin.

Night NPCs: Slick Earl, Marty, Jeudie

-Night NPCs all act the same whatever the time of day

-Slick Earl sells Hose, Nozzle, Tub all together for 300. these are componants of flame thrower.

-Marty sells Electrode for 35

-Jeudie will swap her circuitry lining for Psilo Blossom. Drug dealing is bad for your innocence.

-Sanders has Hopkins-Brie Ontology syndrome. Speak to him twice when you have the Neural implant plans from Deirdrie Tacketts lab and he will take them and give you a 4TB memory chip, a Lockpick Database and a Samurai Soul Box.

-Kimba West tells you Lenora Major in Cafe Voltaire can help you bypass TransTechnicals security. Lenora will now speak to you. Gives Location of TransTechnicals Nanotech Labs. Offers Cyberspace Access on both screens of Central park in exhange for a spool of fibre optic cable.

(Screen two)

No Items

Day NPCs: Wanda, Bartleby, Julius, Dodger, Petra Stasia, Mother Mary

Night NPCs: Bartleby, Julius, Priscilla Virago, Maxwell Toulouse

-Pricilla and Maxwell are both Vampires. They ignore you unless you speak to either of them and then they attack you. They do not block you should you decide to retreat. Just ignore them.

-Wanda sells you a loaded Data spider for 500

-Julius sells Dermal Filament for 500. If you buy this from him he then sells you a Lapel pin for 100. These pins can be used instead of the Invitation to gain access to the Hellfire club, once you know it's location, as well as allowing you into the Inner Sanctum room within the Hellfire Club. In other words it is a very good investment to buy this off of him.

-Petra begs you for a free power cell. Gives you her gratitude in return

-Dodger Says he will swap his Cyborg leg for Red Lifters. If you do this then he says he will offer to swap a cyborg head for hero makers. If you do this the Hero Makers will kill him and most everyone in Central park will hate your guts. The best thing to do is to refuse to give him Red Lifters. He will then ask to join the team. If you accept he has the leg and head in his inventory anyway, plus a set of jury-rigging tools.

Vinces Munition Emporium - E. 96th St

Back Ally Trader - Cannot be bitten or attacked. No Cyberspace access. No items.

Stocks: Electrical storm, EMP grenade, Flash bomb, Web grenade, Assault rifle, Riot stopper stun rifle, Generator Stablizer, Instapigment, Stunstick, Jury-rig tools, Shotgun shells, Sawed-off shotgun, Pulse emitter, Looker chip, Data spider, Force field, Muscle effector, Energy interface, Laser rifle, Assault rifle, Assault rifle magazine, Riot stopper shells, Power cells, 9mm pistol, 9mm Magazine.

Van Helsing's Penthouse - W. 125th St

Special Note: You are attcked as soon as you enter this area, so equip your party to deal with Two vampires before you enter it. All party members are blocked from retreating until all NPCs in this area are dead.

There is No Cyberspace access throughout the Van Helsing's Penthouse area.

(Screen one)

No Items

NPCs: Omar, Anastasia, Claude Lussac, Isadora

-Omar and Anastasia are Vampires.

(Screen two)

Items: Search reveals Signal Scrambler, Red Crosse armour


The Cybersurgery Group - E. 125th St

Trader - Cannot be bitten or attacked. No Cyberspace access. No items.

NPCs: Dr Steve Austin

-Steve Austin is the man to go to for attachment of all Cybergenetic limbs/implants/bio-weapons to party members. He is most probably named after the character in "The Bionic Man."

Doom Pilots - E.125th St

No Cyberspace Access

No Items

NPCs: Scream Wipe, Ghost Walker, Sis Konfigg, Holograham, Stive.

-Scream freely Gives WELL "ttheat"

-Ghost Gives Location of Madam Mescal. Recommends Psilo Blossom or Vassopressin for smoother decking.

-Sis Konfigg wants to swap the WELL address for the TransTechnicals bank of New York for a Level four cloak. If you give her the cloak she Gives WELL "nyvault."

-Holograham tells you that you need the safecracker program before you can steal from "nyvault," after you have given Sis the Cloak.

The Cloisters - W. 175th St

Special note: This is another area where active Instapigment is needed for entry, otherwise you are attacked as soon as you travel to this area. You do not want to fall out with the Red Crosse knights who live here as their help is neccessary for the completion of Bloodnet, as well as for the completion of some of the lesser quests. The Cloisters have a central area, from which the rest of the areas lead off. The other five areas in The Cloisters are connected only via this central bit. With this section the screen descriptions start with the one on the leftmost path and move clockwise.

There is No Cyberspace Access anyware in The Cloisters area

(Screen one - The Cloisters Garden)

No items

NPCs: Sir Henry, Sir Fintin, Sir Dean, Sir Faustus, Sir Crystostom

-Cystostom tells you about how Soul Blades have to be blessed by Sir Sebastian before they can be used against Vampires.

(Screen two)

Items: Two Holy water Cruets

NPCs: Sir Helvecticus, Lady Remington

-Remington gives you a free stake

-Helvecticus asks you to find his missing young junkie brother who he believes is with one of the street gangs. He offers you 25,000 to do it. His Brother is the Right Sid with the Sid and Nancys. If you come and speak to Helvecticus with Sid in your party then Sid leaves the party and Helvecticus pays up.

(Screen three)

Items: Sir Sebastian's Rosary Beads

NPCs: Sir Sebastian

-Sir Sebastian is a Psionic. If you speak to him at this point in the game he recognises you as a vampire and has an Apocalyptic vision (which is just like a bad trip I had once :-) He will not talk to you unless you can find a way to hide your vampiric nature from his psionic abilities. Do this by taking his beads and placing them By Cyril Thorpe in Cafe Voltaire. Then going to WELL "medium," before returning to speak to Sebastian. Make sure you have all the Soul Blades in the game in your party Inventory when you speak to him as they then all change to Blessed Soul Blades, as opposed to just some of them.

(Screen four)

No Items

NPCs: Sir Dominick, Archabbot Herschel, Sir Brigham

-Dominick gives you free Nosferatum

(Screen five)

No Items

NPCs: Sir Anias

-Anias tells you he cannot rest until a missing piece of Red Cross armour has been recovered. If you find and give the armour to him then he will offer to join your party.

Section Two

Electric Anarchy - 175th St

This area is opened when you speak to Rymma Fizz in The Abyss

Special note: If you have Rymma Fizz in your party then speak to Garrick Fizz last, as he automatically joins your team and this causes some of the members of Electric Anarchy to dislike you, making it impossible for you to get the SomnaVapour.

No Cyberspace access

No Items

NPCs: Phracktle K. Oss, Auntie Matter, Phree Thaught, Nai Hillistick, Chuck

-Phracktle offers 10,000 if you kill the TranTechnicals security chief. Gives location of TransTechnicals Security.

-Auntie offers to swap her Wrath Ray for a TransTechnicals security badge.

-Phree Thaught offers to swap her SomnaVapour for a Dragon Soul Box.

-Chuck won't talk to you unless you have the Tackett Associate List from TransTechnicals security. If you have this he will offer to accompany you as a party member. Chuck must be kept alive until after you have Incubus then he can be safely dissmissed, or killed in a fight.

-Garrick works for free if you have Rymma in your party

Autonomy Dogs - Wall Street

This area is opened when you speak to Larry owen of the Houston Matrix Rovers.

No Cyberspace Access

No Items

NPCs: Briss, Sabaccatus St. Aubens, Wildchild

-Wildchild tells you about dangerous Morph Codes. Gives address of WELL "mozart".

-Sabaccatus offers 40,000 for you to kill Marcus Piston. Gives location of Hard metals. If you speak to him again he gets annoyed and the Autonomy Dogs attack you. It's not worth killing Marcus Piston anyway as the Hard Metals are way cooler than these nutjobs.

Kafka Conspiracy - W. 23rd St

This area is opened when you speak to Oscar Nandez in Cafe Voltaire

No Cyberspace Access

No Items

NPCs: Coover Tristan, Words Blanque, Chrysalis

-Chrysalis tells you a story about the Lost Children and how one is in the city and "no anarchist". This is a clue about Chuck's true identity

-Coover asks you to support them by stealing a multichannel transmitter from the Icon Robbers, and to do it in an entirely non-violent way. If you fo this he offers to join your party. Gives Location of Icon Robbers Studio.

Sid & Nancys - W. 125th St

This area is opened when you speak to Bid Dina of The Flux Riders

No Cyberspace Access

No Items

NPCs: Left Sid\Nancy Middle Sid\Nanvy Right Sid\Nancy

-Left Sid talk to this guy first. He is "the face for the gang," and tells you to speak to Left Nancy

-Left Nancy offers you the chance to buy a Doppleganger for 4,000 or swap it for Laser Rifle, Laser Pistol and Dermal Filament.

-Middle Nancy gives you some free Instapigment

-Middle Sid offers 5000 for a Praxis 2300XC

-Right Sid won't talk to you unless you have spoken to Sir Helvecticus in The Cloisters. If you have he tells you he will come with you in exchange for Red Lifters. If you take him as a party member to Helvecticus he leaves the party and you are given Helvecticus' reward.

Madame Mescal - W. 96th St

This area is opened when you speak to Ghost Walker of The Doom Pilots

Back Ally Trader - Cannot be bitten or attacked. No Cyberspace access. No items.

Stocks: Nootroamphetamine, Pillocarpine molder, Vitacompound G, Red lifter, Vassopressin, Milacemine 27, TranTech Clearence Badge, Holofilm, Hero maker, Syringe, House call, Flexicast, Jellied Gas, 9mm Magazine, Pharmaceutical kit, Instapigment, Tub, Mirror shades, Corticosteroid, Corticocyclidine, Primaphetamin, Hose, Nozzle, Web Grenade.

The Plaza Hotel - E. 51st St

This area is opened when you speak to Montgomery Taylor in The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Special note: This is where the Hellfire Club meets. The Plaza hotel has four exits from (screen one) and these are detailed from Left to Right. (Screen five) has an exit in it which leads to the Inner Sanctum area of the Plaza Hotel. There are sentries on guard at this door. If you kill them to gain access to the Inner Sanctum then the NPCs in the Inner Sanctum will refuse to have anything to do with you.

Special Access Requirements: Hellfire Club invition (excludes Inner Sanctum access) or Lapel Pin (access all areas)

There is No Cyberspace Access throughout the Plaza Hotel area

(Screen one)

No items

NPCs: Two Sentries, Eleanor Salem, Renfield, George Yatchisin, Maria Anacondria, Aida Lazar, Helen donaldson

-The Two sentries will not speak to you except to check you meet the Special Access Requirements when you arrive. If you remove any of these -e.g. by dropping the pin on the floor- and then speak to a Sentry then they will kick you out of the hotel, and won't allow re-entry until you meet the requirements again.

-Eleanor is a reporter. She asks you to give her a bottle of Blood from the Inner Sanctum as proof of Vampiric involovement and threatens you with exposure if you don't get her one. Since you really need all of these bottles yourself then the best thing to do is to not speak to Eleanor, but if you do give her a bottle she leaves, and you don't see her until you reach Le Phood.

-Renfield asks for permission to serve you. If you say yes he Gives Location of Renfield and then leaves.

-George gives you a free TransTech Clearence Badge

-Aida offers 1,800 for Psilo Blosson + Virtual Viewer.

-Helen Donaldson offers 3,500 for a 9mm pistol

(screen two - ie the leftmost door)

No items

NPCs: This room remains empty until you have spoken to Bertand Focault, and from then:

Night NPCs: Bertrand Focault, Dr Gawesque

-Bertrand tells you to hurry up and find the Blood Producing Nanotechs. If you find them then he attacks you whatever you say to him. He is a Vampire.

-Dr Gawesque begs for his life until you have fought and killed Bertrand over the Blood Producing Nanotechs. If you speak to him then he will then inject them into you and reduce your Bloodlust to zero. Wait until your Bloodlust is high before speaking to him to get the most effect. This is only a temporary effect, as with the bottles of Blood, but has the advantage over biting someone that the resulting Humanity loss is very minor.

(screen three)

No Items

NPCs: Griff Spater, Larisa Mayne, Braque Picardo

-Griff tells you Larisa is ill, and says it is Braque's fault. He offers you a 'five figure sum," to find a cure and tell her it was him who paid you to do it. If you do he rewards you 20,000

-Braque tells you Larisa is ill, and says it is Griff's fault He offers to 'reward you well,' to find a cure and tell her it was him who paid you to do it. If you do he gives you 10,000 and tells you to go into Cyberspace where the Omicron Raider is generated, who gives you the Safecracker program. This program can be used in the WELL "nyvault" to steal lots of virtual money.

-Larisa just asks for help. After you have spoken to her place Nootropressin G, Service Nanomachines and a Syringe next to her and speak to her again. She asks who paid you. Tell her it was Braque as his reward is far more worthwhile.

(Screen Four)

No Items

NPCs: Catherine Concorde, Frank Donaldson, Courtney, Walter Mcalaster

-Frank asks if you've met his wife. If you say yes he gives you 1,000 to 'keep your mouth shut.'

-Walter Mcalaster is having a cuddle with a prostitute. If you flim him, with the HoloCam, doing this then give the tape to Bill Dougan in his TransTechnicals office then Walter leaves this area with Courtney.

(Screen Five - the connecting area between (Screen one) and (Screen Six - The Inner Sanctum))

No Items

NPCs: Tabatha, Emily Esaki, George Druthers, Randall Babbit, Two Sentries

-Tabatha leaves the area in disgust if you talk to her as Stark tries to seduce her.

-George Druthers offers 1,000 for a Lapel Pin. Make sure you have a spare before saying yes.

-Randall tells you Mcalaster's future would be ruined if his wife knew about him and Courtney

-The two sentries will only let you through the door to the next Room if you have an equipped Lapel Pin. Do not kill them to get past.

(Screen Six)

Special Access Requirements: Equiped Lapel Pin

Items: Four bottles of blood

NPCs: Gwendolyn Finch, Bertrand Focault, Tatiana Ebersoll, Gi Sang, Topher Winslow, Alexander Tennant, Linda Blaue

If you gave George Druthers a spare Lapal Pin he is also in here.

-Gwendolyn will give you an extra bottle of blood if you speak to her before picking up any of the others. She leaves the Room when Bertrand does so speak to her before him.

-Bertrand is very anti Van Helsing. He tells you about Blood Producing Nanotech and asks you to bring it to him in the Parlour (screen two). Gives location of TransTechnicals Nanotechnology Lab. Then leaves area taking Courtney with him.

-Topher will pay 200 for breathers

-Linda gives you "Linda's Half Amulet," and tells you she got it from Wych Gibbon. She tells you it can reverse vampirism and Gi Sang can tell you how it works.

-Gi tells you he doesn't know what the amulet does and that he only told Linda that to get her to let him bite her.

-If you speak to Alexander when you have Melissa Van Helsing in your party he Gives Location of Grant's tomb.

TransTechnicals, Inc - TransTechnicals

(Emily Esaki)

This area is opened when you speak to Montgomery Taylor in The Metropolitan Museum of Art

No Cyberspace Access

Item: Search reveals Lapel pin

Day NPCs: Emily Esaki

-Even when Emily is in her office she doesn't prevent you searching.

(Bill Dougan)

This area is opened when you speak to Mother Mary in St Patricks

No Cyberspace Access

No Items

NPCs: Bill Dougan

-Bill tells you he can end TransTechnicals bid to close St Patricks if you give him film of Mcalaster being unfaithful. If you give him the film he leaves the area and moves into Walter Mcalaster's Office.

(Nanotech Labs)

This area is opened when you speak to Kimba West in Central Park, or Bertrand Focault in The Plaza Hotel.

No Cyberspace access throughout the Nanotech Labs

Items: Search reveals Wireless effector, Blood Producing Nanotech, Service Nanomachine. Also in Room Nanoblast Micromissles, Buzzsaw, Nanoblast.

NPCs: Dr Framp, Cara Watson

-Dr Framp tells you that the Service Nanomachines can be used to fix any malfunctioning implants

(Nanotech labs - Screen two)

Special Access Requirements: Lock must be picked with Electronic lockpicks everytime you go in

Items: Search reveals Azreal soul box, Level four cloak. Room also contains Praxis 3000 and fibre optic cable.

Section three

Renfield - E. 28th St

This area is opened when you speak to Renfield in The Plaza Hotel

Special note: It is safe to leave the earth lines Sarcophagus here and for Vampires to rest and heal here.

No Cyberspace Access

No Items

NPCs: Renfield

-Renfield works for free. Has very high bargaining skill - 97 - but little else to offer.

TransTechnicals, Inc - TransTechnicals

(Walter Mcalaster)

This area is opened when you speak to Bill Dougan in TransTechnicals - (Bill Dougan)

No Items

No Cyberspace Access

NPCs: Walter Mcalaster

NPC change: After you give the Mcalaster holofilm to Bill Dougan then he replaces Mcalaster in this office.

Items: Search reveals Lapal Pin

-Walter does not prevent you searching the room


This area is opened when you speak to Phractle K. Oss of Electric Anarchy

No Cyberspace Access

Items: These can only be searched for after Daryl Paine is dead. Search reveals Tackett's Essence, Dragon Soul Box, Wrath Ray Plans, Tackett Associate list, Cybercrackdown List

NPCs:Chief Daryl Paine

-As soon as you enter this area Daryl tells you to leave, but doesn't kick you out.

-If you talk to him again he attacks you.

-When you kill him he drops a TransTech security cloak chip. Pick this up and equip it if you don't already have one (they are dropped by all TransTechnicals security guards).

New York Public Library - Times Square

-This area is opened when you speak to Wych Gibbon in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, when you have the Linda's Half Amulet.

No Cyberspace Access

No Items

Day NPCs: Shada, Necra

Night NPCs: Shada, Necra, Kate Olgathistle

-All NPCs are vampires.

-When you speak to Kate Olgathistle they all attack you. Make sure you kill them all and don't retreat. If you do retreat then the book "Catal Huyak" is not dropped when they are dead.

Hard Metals - W.66th St

This area is opened when you speak to Sabaccatus St. Aubens of the Autonomy Dogs

No Cyberspace Access

No Items

NPCs: Markus Piston, Clark Sprocket, Tempered Steele, Liquid Nails

-Liquid Gives Location of Strongarm Tacktick for 2000. Speak to her before Tempered Steel.

-Marcus offers 4000, Light Refraction Unit and Dermal Filament for a Haas-Peters Arm. This is the guy that Sabaccatus St. Aubens offered you 40,000 to kill. I don't recommend doing it as the Hard Metals are cool while the Autonomy Dogs are Jerk-offs

-Clark offers an EMP focalizer for any model leg

-Tempered Steel offers to join you for 10,000. Tempered Steel is a Great NPC to have in the Party. Has an Arm in his inventory and a Cybergenetic Arm and a Cybergenetic Leg actually attached. If you hire him he will leave if you have two extra limbs attached to him at The Cybersurgery Group. So Don't.

Icon Robber's Studio - W. 96th St

This area is opened when you speak to Coover Tristan of Kafka Conspiracy

Special Note: You can kill these guys to search the area, and get the HoloCam, but this annoy's the Kafka Conspiracy, is a waste of ammo, and means you don't get to use the SomnaVapour for it's intended purpose. Therefore Equip a Gas mask, use the SomnaVapour with the Character with the Gas Mask equipped and put the Icon Robbers to Sleep. Incidently it's never explained why you only need one Gas Mask for your whole party.

No Cyberspace Access.

Items: Search Reveals - Two Holofilms, Holocam, Virtual Viewer, Generator Stabilizer, MultiChannel Transmitter, Refraction Unit.

NPCs: Cody, Squid, Rigginbotham, Ludes Moshe

-When awake\alive NPCs prevent search of area.

Section Four

Lazlo Green - Times Square

This area is opened when you read the Cybercrackdown list in TransTechnicals - (Security)

Cyberspace Access

Items: Search reveals Gas Mask.

NPCs: Lazlo Green

-If you have an Insul suit in your inventory then he will ask for it from you. Give it to him and he Gives WELL "blackwood," and then Gives Location of TransTechnicals (Notional Labs). He asks you to bring the Morph Spawner from the WELL so he can destroy it. If you do this it means you cannot use it yourself with innoculated Morph Codes.

Strongarm Tacktick - W.66th St

This area is opened when you pay Liquid Nails of The Hard Metals

Back Ally Trader - Cannot be bitten or attacked. No Cyberspace access. No items.

Stocks:Infra Red implant, Occular implant, Doppleganger, Mirror Master, Aural Implant, Cyborg Head, Pharmaceutical Kit, Diagnostic unit, Lockpick casing, Refraction unit, Inertia sensors, Haas-Peters (arm), circuitry lining, Bioprocessor, Electrode, Energy interface, Generator stabilizer, Medical kit, Cyborg torso, Spark board, Sheehy G (leg), Ude Ude Utsukushii 66, Kevlar Helmet, Bionavigator

Section Five

Transtechnicals, Inc - Transtechnicals

(Notional Labs)

This area is opened when you speak to Lazlo Green after giving him an Insul Suit, in Lazlo Green.

Cyberspace Access

Items: Search prevented during day by Noelle Conway. Search at night reveals Conway's essence, Dragon soul box. Also in room 32TB chip, Level four cloak.

Day NPCs: Noelle Conway, Dr Mcgeary

Night NPCs: Britt

-Dr. Mcgeary asks if you are from security. Say yes and she asks for files, say no and she tells you to get out. Doing either has no apparant effect on the game

-Britt gives Intellegence Morph Code

Section Six - The areas in this section are opened after certain events in Cyberspace and can theoretically be found at any point in the game, though usually do not appear after you have met Melissa Van Helsing in cyberspace. Basically repeatedly access Cyberspace from Tackett's Lab until you have met the necessary characters to open these areas. Sometimes though Harley Shakespeare does not appear at all in a game, or appears right at the end.

NYU Dormatory - Washington Square

This area is opened by the Randomly generated meeting with Zeus in Cyberspace

Cyberspace Access

No Items

NPCs: Paula Di Maggio aka Zeus

-Paula gives WELL "softball" and it's access code "ninja." She asks you to release Bank's Verbatim from a data cage in this WELL, and gives you a clue to his own encoded WELL. Clue: all the N's are L's.

-If you have Charlie Flyer in your party he tells you he always thought Zeus was a little effeminate :-)

Banks Verbatim - E. 96th St

This area is opened by releasing Banks Verbatim from the Data Cage in the WELL "softball."

Cyberspace Access

Items: Dragon soul Box, Diagnostic Unit, Energy interface

NPCs: Jonah, Kelly, Mercenary, Security Captain

-When you enter this area the Security captain tells you they killed Banks Verbatim, and that before he died he revealed the encoded WELL address "mnquqtium ujm viwumxw". They then attack you. Kill them. The code when you use Bank's Clue, Zeus's clue and the help of someone who has since gone to oxford, turns out to be the WELL "eliminate the masters". So now you know.

Ludwig Sampson's Lab - E. 125th St

This area is opened by reading Tackett's Journal in the WELL "hope"

Cyberspace Access

Items: Sampson blocks search. After he dies search reveals: Coveralls, Schonbrun 52 (arm), Ude Utsukushii 66 (arm), Sinosidal Pulse Gun Plans

NPCs: Dr Ludwig Sampson

-Sampson gives Praxis 2300xc, and tells you to go to WELL "zarathustra". When you do this he attacks your cyberspace mind. As soon as you exit Cyberspace he claims to be a Vampire and attacks you. He is like Stark though, and can be killed easily, giving access to the Metropolitan Museum of Art Coveralls, amongst other things.

Winter Garden Theatre - Times Square

This area is opened by the Randomly generated meeting with Harley Shakespeare in Cyberspace

Special Note: This area has a time factor. If you come here too long after meeting Harley in Cyberspace then everyone else has gone and you can't do anything. When you meet Shakespeare in Cyberspace he gives you a "fake incubus" code. This must be assembled by an expert. I recommend Elvis for the task, though Hakim Magsoudi could probably do it.

No Cyberspace Access

No Items

NPCs: Harley Shakespeare, Jonathon Nobotu, Cecil, Bodyguard.

- Nobuto takes the assembled Fake Incubus off you and leaves the area with Harley. Leave the theatre and come back. If the Fake incubus was assembled convincingly then Nobuto gives you money. If it was assembled badly then he and the two bodyguards attack you.

Section Seven - Endgame areas.

Le Phood - W. 96th St

This area is opened when you speak to Melissa Van Helsing in Cyberspace.

Special Access Requirements: When you arrive at this area Ennui won't let you in unless you pay him 50

No Cyberspace Access

No Items

NPCs: Ennui, Melissa Van Helsing, Walter Mcalaster, Eleanor Salem, Splendid, Tweak, Rodney Grep

- Mcalaster is only here after you have given Bill Dougan the Mcalaster holofilm, If you speak to Mcalaster he attacks you, but is easy to kill.

-Eleanor Salem is only here if you gave her Blood in The Plaza hotel. Gives copy of Manhatten post with no apparant use.

-Though not necessary for completing the game, killing Ennui is immensely satisfying.

-Melissa Van Helsing will join your party for free. It is necessary that you let her join at this point. She tells you to go see Alexander Tennant in The Plaza Hotel. Take her with you.

Grant's Tomb - W. 125th St

This area is opened when you speak to Alexander Tennant with Melissa Van Helsing in your party

There is no cyberspace access throughout the Grant's Tomb area

(Screen one)

No Items


-To open up the way to (screen two) use the signal scrambler.

-Remove Melissa Van Helsing from the party before going to (Screen Two) as she changes sides and fights against you in there.

(screen two)

Items: Emerald Pendant (can be dissassembled to find Emerald Looker chip)

NPCs: Abraham Van Helsing, Alexander Tennant, and three guys called Thug

-You are attacked by all NPCs except Alexander Tennant as soon as you enter this room. Van Helsing is the only vampire.

-To release Tenannt use the Electronic Lockpicks. Gives Location of TransTechnicals (1122):

TransTechnicals, Inc - TransTechnicals


This area is opened after you release Alexander Tennant from his bonds in Grant's Tomb.

Cyberspace Access

No Items

NPCs: Abraham Van Helsing, Dr John Harker, three Security guards, Heart in Inubator

-You are attacked on entering.

- You must kill the Heart in Incubator to kill Van Helsing. This can be shot, so no one needs to be tooled up for killing Vampires.

- After Van Helsing and the Guards are dead Dr Harker tells you if you need Incubus or A Priest. If you have both of these with you he Gives WELL "elizabeth" and tells you to go there.

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