Isotope Half Lives and Energies

This page is not meant to be a comprehensive list of all information that is required to work safely with radiation. It is only a small fraction of isotopes available but it covers the commonly used isotopes in my research institute. I will add other data if requested though.

Isotope radiation information

Isotope Half life Decay type Daughter nuclide Decay energy Shielding required
Tritium (Hydrogen-3) 12.3 years Beta Helium-3 18 keV No specific shielding required
Carbon-14 5730 years Beta Nitrogen-14 156 keV No specific shielding required although thin perspex could be used
Phosphorous-32 25 days Beta Sulphur-32 1.709 MeV 1cm perspex or equivalent
Iodine-125 60 days Gamma Tellurium-125 Maximum 35 keV Lead or other high density material

First published on 3rd February 2009 and last modified on 25th June 2011.