Tissue Culture Vessel Comparison

This table lists all major tissue culture vessels with their corresponding areas, ratios and volumes.

Culture VesselSurface area (cm²)Typical volume (mL)Ratio to T-75Ratio to 6-well plate
96-well plate0.30.20.00400.03
48-well plate0.70.50.00930.07
BD Falcon CultureSlide (per well)
24-well plate20.70.0260.2
12-well plate40.70.0530.4
BD Falcon CultureSlide (per slide)5.640.0750.46
6-well plate1020.131
35 mm dish1020.131
60 mm dish203.50.262
100 mm dish60100.806
150 mm dish140231.8714
T-25 flask2540.332.5
T-75 flask751217.5
T-175 flask175282.317.5

These volumes are only a guide. In practice, volumes can and do vary substantially depending on the growth requirements of the culture in question. Volumes of up to 20 mL are normal and acceptable for a T-75 flask, for example. These larger volumes allow greater periods of continuous growth without nutrient depletion (e.g. over a weekend or other period).

First published on 25th June 2011 and last modified on 17th March 2014.