High Resolution Panorama Instructions

    Download FSPViewer    Download the high resolution pictures

To see the high resolution versions of these panoramas, you will need to download a viewer and each high resolution file separately.

The links to download the high resolution images are available in each panorama's individual page (choose from the menu to the right). Alternatively, visit the download page and choose from the list there. All images are very high resolution (typically several thousand pixels wide) and are usually a few megabytes in size.

There are many viewers available to look at these files with. My favourite is called FSPViewer. The link takes you to the project home page where you can download it. Alternatively, you can download FSP Viewer v1.5 from here or from the download page

Extract the viewer from the zip file using a tool such as the free and excellent 7-Zip and run FSPViewer.exe. Then load the image of your choice and scroll around within it.