Reliable differentiation of multiple sclerosis sub-types by serum NMR metabolomic analysis

James R Larkin, Alex M Dickens, Daniel C Anthony, Julian L Griffin, Ana Cavey, Lucy Matthews, Benjamin G Davis, Timothy D W Claridge, Jacqueline Palace and Nicola R Sibson

E-poster at the ISMRM annual meeting, Milan, Italy (2014)


We used high resolution NMR-based metabolomics to investigate the differences between serum samples from patient groups with both relapsing-remitting (RR) and secondary progressive (SP) multiple sclerosis, as well as control volunteers. We found differences between the spectra from different groups and were able to build predictive partial least squares discriminant analysis models which separated not only patients from control volunteers but also separated the RR and SP multiple sclerosis patients. ROC curve analysis showed that this prediction was sensitive and specific. This separation is currently very difficult to achieve and NMR-metabolomics may ease the diagnostic burden in the clinic.