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Tissue Culture Vessel Comparison

This table lists all major tissue culture vessels with their corresponding areas, ratios and volumes.

Culture VesselSurface area (cm²)Typical volume (mL)Ratio to T-75Ratio to 6-well plate
96-well plate0.30.20.00400.03
48-well plate0.70.50.00930.07
BD Falcon CultureSlide (per well)
24-well plate20.70.0260.2
12-well plate40.70.0530.4
BD Falcon CultureSlide (per slide)5.640.0750.46
6-well plate1020.131
35 mm dish1020.131
60 mm dish203.50.262
100 mm dish60100.806
150 mm dish140231.8714
T-25 flask2540.332.5
T-75 flask751217.5
T-175 flask175282.317.5

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Molarity of common concentrated solutions

Lab solutions are often purchased as concentrated solutions of a standard strength. This strength is often given as a percentage (e.g. w/w) however it is usually more convenient to know these as molarity. The calculations are simple enough but are tedious and require knowledge of the density of the solution as well as molecular mass of the molecule.

This list includes commonly used commercially available solutions and their molar equivalent.

Read more...First published on 30th May 2011 and last modified on 19th May 2013.

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